Our Service

At Corporate Smartpark you don't have to do a thing. Just drive into our reception area anytime night or day, every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas day. We will book your vehicle in for you, give you a receipt and off you go. We will ask you  for the earliest return date but you can change that by a simple phone call.

Coming back late because of flight delays or business meetings is not a problem either. Just give us a call when you know your new flight details and we will be ready awaiting your call for pickup.


We understand you have more important things on your mind than to concern yourself with parking your car. Leave that to us.


Operating hours

Our opening hours are 4am-Midnight Monday-Sunday. 


If your scheduled flight due in before midnight is delayed, we will be available for your picked up. However if you miss or change your flight please advise us by making a courtesy call on (03) 93302302.

We will not be available for flights scheduled to arrive in after midnight


 Holiday closures 

  • Christmas day 25th December
  • From 7pm New years Eve 31st December

Please be advised that due to our new Covid normal and our limited availability, it is advised to call ahead to see if we can accommodate you especially during peak holiday periods. This does not apply to frequent users as we will always provide a space for you.


Service Beyond Expectation